Marcus Filly, my Mentor

April 2017.

I was working a lot, training much and had many competition.
I was tired, stressed e lightly depressed.
I was completely comfortable in the discomfort I created myself.
I felt like something was wrong but I wasn’t capable of changing anything, I couldn’t shake things up.

I started to realize that competing was causing me more stress than fun.

I gave up.

I decided to get into “off season”.

While I was searching for training programs for athletes I ran into the one of the Grid players: it was split in two parts “off season” and “on season”, the Crossfitter and Grid’s Athlete Marcus Filly was cited in it.
That was what I was looking for.

I started from him, Marcus.
I started reading about him, about his life and his “functional body building”.

I subscribed to his training program and it felt like it was written for my needs: less intensity, base movements, new movements.

I was going towards a new concept of training. I was so into it that I took a plane and flew to San Rafael.

I wanted to meet him, to listen and learn from him.

I stayed ten days. After those days I came home thinking that Marcus was the man I wanted to become.

  • Unstoppable Athlete
  • Flawless Coach
  • Right Business Man
  • Loving Father and Husband

I gifted myself with one of the most exciting experience of my whole life.

That was the sign that I had to do something and stay in touch with him.

This is just a small part of the reasons that brought me to choose Marcus as my Mentor.

Vuoi raggiungere i tuoi obiettivi? Vuoi diventare la persona che desideri essere?


Io ti posso aiutare, così come è successo a me. A te la scelta!

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